Even the best students need to check their work with an instructor. The analogy may not be perfect, but machine shops will recognize the need to stay fully informed of the capabilities (especially the frequent updates) of the CNC software programs they adopt.   Investing the time to learn how to use the latest software technology to its full potential is essential for manufacturers to maintain the efficiency they expect, and to ensure maximum profitability.

At least that’s the new outlook for a British machine shop specializing in complex, high-value components.

Promach 3D Ltd. is a subcontracting precision engineering shop in Derby, England, and a user of Edgecam, Vero Software’s CAM program that combines sophisticated toolpath generation with CAD integration. Edgecam is used worldwide in various industries, providing a complete suite of milling, turning, and mill-turn programming.

The machinists at Promach 3D discovered they were missing out on 22 features of Edgecam during a typical scenario of milling just one part.

“We always have the latest release, but haven’t had time to attend training courses or user group meetings,” owner Matt Fazekas explained. “That’s going to change now. We’ve definitely seen the light when we were shown just how far we’d slipped behind in terms of using Edgecam to its full potential, and what we were missing out on.”

He described the “tricky balance” for machine shops, between the daily tasks of running and keeping up with the pace of programming advances from developers like Vero Software. Still, he acknowledged an understanding of what the software is capable of accomplishing, and called keeping updated on those developments an ‘absolute priority.’