MicroPlus, a new workholding and tool support system, significantly reduces tool run-out during grinding, according to the Australian firm that developed it, thus making it possible to produce tools with higher precision — and without extending cycle times.

Melbourne-based ANCA is designs and produces CNC tools and cutter grinders, and boasts it supplies tool grinders for every application from large-scale manufacturing to entry-level production requirements. ANCA also develops tool design software and machines to producing a variety of complex tools, including grinding end mills, profile cutters, burrs and punches.

The two-component MicroPlus system limits radial and axial run-out consistently to less than 3 microns (0.0001 in.) for tools that measure 50 mm (2 in.) from the face of the collet. Typical tool grinder run-out is about 0.0002 in., the developer noted. The new system is suitable for manual or automated tool loading; it is particularly applicable for production grinding of 3- to 13-mm diameter tools. 

ANCA added that it is “a conveniently packaged system (in which) collets are easily changed over and the machine work envelope is unrestricted.”

ANCA’s MicroPlus system consists of two separate assemblies: the Flexi-Chuck assembly for workholding and the Overhead Top Clamp assembly (OTC) for tool guidance. Together, it said, these devices provide a system that delivers consistently lower run-out than any existing system.