Every manufacturer is different. Each one aims to develop a particular specialty in products or services, or both, that customers will identify with its name and brand. But, in that general way every manufacturer is the same: they need to find the most effective way to reach their customers – or their potential customers — and to make clear to them all the different ways that the manufacturer can address the customer’s needs. This is the age-old problem of business-to-business (b2b) marketing.

Over the past decade, the ability to reach customers accelerated at an exponential rate thanks to the Internet presenting a constant stream of instant connections. The problem for manufacturers quickly became two-dimensional: how to find buyers, and how to help buyers find a supplier. The solution is to establish and coordinate their online presence with as much attention to detail as they focus on the rest of their enterprise.  

One of a kind

Arnold Machine Inc. is a one-of-kind manufacturer. The family-owned company in Tiffin, Ohio, designs and produces custom manufacturing and automation equipment, providing customers with CNC machining, custom sheet metal fabrication, and complete engineering services, including prototype design and fabrication.

Arnold’s custom built equipment is used in countless industries, including automotive, industrial heavy equipment and consumer appliance. Also, Arnold’s commercial ovens are used on automotive assembly lines to relax leather being put on a car seat frame. And, Arnold manufactures complex robots used to build cars.

The core of the company’s business is manufacturing custom enclosures for Haas CNC machines: once they’re installed in machine shops or other manufacturers, the customized enclosures keep the workspace clean by preventing spills from the machines onto other equipment.

Arnold Machine was established in 1994 with just two employees. Zach Arnold, who was the third employee, is the company president today. He oversees 35 employees in an operation that covers 33,000 square feet, and posts annual sales of over $3 million.