The new XR20-W calibration system measures the angular position of rotary axes to within ±1 arc second, wirelessly, for testing the accuracy of lathes, multi-axis machine tools, mill-turn machines, trunnion tables and spindles. It works in conjunction with related laser interferometers to combine the readings of the rotary calibrator and laser to determine positioning errors in axes under test.

According to Renishaw, the developer of metrology and machine tool calibration devices, its XR20-W rotary axis calibrator is generating positive feedback from users that appreciate a compact design that promotes easier set-up and use. Also, it said the flexibility of the new device is extended by the addition of new off-axis rotary software that allows the XR20-W to be used even when it cannot be positioned directly on the rotary axis under test.

The software calculates true position and records axis performance and errors when compared to the intended target. The test is completed in about ten minutes, and results are sent to a PC via Bluetooth® connection. Users say they can test more and different machine tools than previous calibrators made possible, and Renishaw noted this improves users ROI and delivers a more attractive service to their customers.

“The new Renishaw XR20-W rotary axis calibrator has transformed the way we calibrate rotary axes on machine tools,” stated Tony Morley, president Morley Machine Tool Alignment – a service and maintenance provider in Milton, Wash.