Utah-based SkyWest Inc. agreed to buy 19 new E175s jets from Embraer Commercial Aviation, the Brazilian regional-aircraft specialist. The first jets are scheduled to be delivered in the third quarter of 2016.  With a unit cost for the E175 reported to be $28.5 million, the current value of the order can be estimated at $541.5 million.

The aircraft will be operated by SkyWest Airlines Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of SkyWest, under a “capacity purchase agreement” with Delta Air Lines. According to Embraer, the new jets will be outfitted for in a two-class, 76-seat arrangement to operate under the Delta Connection brand.

The E-175 is one of two smaller variants (80 seats) in the E-Jet family, powered by GE Aviation CF34-8E engines. As detailed by the OEM, the E175s are designed a new wingtip that improves aerodynamic performance. Fuel consumption on a typical flight is 6.4% lower than first-generation E175s, Embraer said.

“We remain impressed with Embraer’s E175 product and are pleased to advance our Delta partnership with these aircraft,” stated SkyWest Inc. president Chip Childs.