Makino Biannual Technology Expo

September 11th - 12th, 2013 • Auburn Hills, MI

Past Event:

Evolution of Wire EDM Technology — Learn how Makino's new U3 and U6 Wire EDM platform can reduce cycle time and wire consumption while producing higher accuracy and finer surface finishes. The new HyperCut machining technologies is at the core of performance improvements, and can achieve a surface finish down to 3μmRz (15μinRa) in just 3 Pass Machining in standard tool steels. The new machine platform also introduces the next generation of advanced machine controls, called Hyper-i, which utilizes a streamlined user friendly interface that offers tablet/smartphone-like functionality.

Get Rid of the Rust — This presentation will demonstrate how rust affects steel parts left in your wire EDM water dielectric for long periods of time and new technology from Makino that eliminates this problem.

High Speed Rib Machining — Rib machining has always presented a challenge to mold building, whether by EDM or direct milling. Learn how new EDM technologies can overcome the traditional limitations of long cycle time and multiple electrode requirements that still often necessitate hand polishing. See firsthand how new processes can achieve efficient machining results that produce consistent high-level surface finishes using only (1) electrode. This new technology represents a leap forward in mold building processing that will significantly reduce manufacturing costs through reductions of fewer machined electrodes and reduced or eliminated hand finishing operations.

Micromachining and Metrology — This presentation session will provide a preview of the ultra precision micro machining platforms that Makino offers to enable the automatic machining of small scale features requiring submicron levels of accuracy and positional placement. Of equal importance, the discussion will highlight case studies of various tooling challenges including the necessary metrology technologies to support the development and confirmation of the machining process.

Productivity per Square Foot: The Makino N2 — Makino's new N2 platform is a high-productivity solution contained in a small package that consumes less than 26 square feet of floor space (includes coolant tank and standard chip management). Its 5-axis N2-5XA configuration pushes this productivity even further with five-sided part accessibility and opportunities to consolidate operations.
The N2 platform provides a sizable work zone for its compact design, which features an overall footprint of 45.3 inches wide by 83.7 inches long by 84.6 inches high (1,150 mm by 2,125 mm by 2,150 mm). Despite the weight reduction resulting from this design, these machines maintain a highly rigid structure for enhanced accuracy and reliability.

Five-Axis Machining: Focusing on Tool Life and Productivity — Makino Tooling Application Engineer will discuss a new Machining Method utilizing 5 axis continuous motion that has the benefit of: Shorter Machining Times for Roughing operations, more accurate Roughing operations with less Semi-finishing operations, increased tool life with Cam managed Sedge monitoring features. This process will provide an overall shorter machining time with a reduced tooling cost.

D800Z: Large Five Axis Machining — Large part, five axis machining presents numerous challenges due to the size, weight and range of features found on large components. Investigate how the new Makino D800 Z five – axis machine provides new levels of sustained dynamic accuracy achieved through technologies which minimize thermal influences and maximize volumetric accuracy. Understand key mechanical design elements that contribute to high performance, high output five-axis machining and important control features (i.e. SGI.4, VP & IAC Control) and five axis functions (i.e. TCP, TWP & 3D Cutter Compensation) that make productivity a reality.

EDM Hole Machining: Oil versus Water —  Learn about the differences – the advantages and disadvantages of EDM drilling in oil dielectric and water. In most machining applications, cycle time, accuracy and surface finish are the main criteria in determining the best solution. In the case of EDM drilling, the integrity of the material also comes into play. We'll look at each of these requirements - how they compare between a water-based machine and an oil-based machine and analyze the benefits of each.

MPmax — MPmax provides software functions to visualize the factory and information from the machines. The functions of MPmax will assist in maximizing the utilization of machines, managing tool data, scheduling production and much more.


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Makino Technology Center
2600 Superior Court
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326
United States

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