Mazak Corporation reported its Horizontal Center Nexus (HCN) 4000-III machine design achieves “significantly increased” productivity and cost-effectiveness thanks to a series of performance enhancements. The updates are especially noteworthy for machine shops seeking to adopt horizontal machining for high-volume part processing.

The specific performance enhancements to the HCN 4000-III shorten part cycle times and allow it to process a wider variety of part sizes, with more parts per setup. Faster rapid traverse speeds and acceleration rates, shorter chip-to-chip times, and increased tool size capability contribute to cycle time reductions. Greater part size versatility and parts per fixture result from the HCN 4000-III’s expanded Y-axis travel/stroke, according to the machine builder, as well as a higher allowable thrust in its Z-axis.

Rapid traverse speed on the HCN 4000-III is now 2,362 ipm (60 m/min), and machine acceleration rate increase from 0.8G to a faster 1G. Also, Mazak has shortened the machine’s spindle acceleration speed to only 1.3 seconds for its standard 12,000-rpm spindle and to 1.5 seconds for an optional 18,000-rpm spindle.

A variety of materials, from steels to nonferrous metals can be processed with speed and efficiency because Mazak is offering four integral options for spindles: 14,000-rpm and 30,000-rpm spindles are available in standard, high torque, semi-high speed or high-speed types.  Machine operators can match spindle performance to specific machining requirements with the proper speeds and power.

A standard 40-taper 12,000-rpm spindle provides power and speed for general machining. A high-torque, heavy-duty 40-taper 14,000-rpm version generates 88 ft-lbs of torque at a continuous rating to a maximum of 223 ft-lbs to increase metal removal rates for hard to machine materials.

With maximum speeds of 18,000 rpm and 30,000 rpm, the 40-taper semi high-speed and HSK high-speed versions allow faster machining and achieve superior surface finishes on aluminum or other nonferrous workpieces.