Recently, Italian machine tool manufacturer Biglia introduced its multi-functional 'Quattro' series of turning centers, offered with Siemens’ Sinumerik 840D sl CNC as the control platform. The mechanical concept, it noted, together with the scalable control, provides users with a valuable array of standard turning and milling operations, and the result is increased flexibility and higher speeds for machine operators.

The "Quattro" series are multifunctional turning centers developed for reliability and performance power. The machines are available in versions featuring 11 to 15 CNC axes, and intended for different turning diameters (e.g., 45, 52, 65, 71, and 80 mm).

The two opposing spindles form a distinctive feature of the "Quattro" series: the design allows the workpiece to be machined from two sides, which reduces the machining time. Also, the second spindle can be moved linearly in two directions — lengthwise and crosswise —which provides some leeway in the case of additional milling operations, but it can also enhance the productivity and flexibility of the shop by making the machine available for automatic workpiece unloading. Two turrets, mounted on the y-axis, ensure proper positioning of the necessary tools.

This innovation means it is possible for the operators to initiate not only rotary processes, but also to work on prismatic workpieces – including polygons, according to the developers. Dealing with everything in one setup reduces cycle times, they emphasized, and enhances accuracy.  The machines are developed according to a modular concept that ensures flexible application options – from the universal CNC lathe, to complete machining of complex workpieces with powered tools (c- and y-axis.)

By offering the Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl CNC control, Biglia aims to expand its designs’ performance options (and its market) by combining its technologies with Siemens’ control expertise.  "In this project, which is of personal significance to all of us who worked on it and of strategic significance for Biglia, we wanted to do everything perfect right from the start and to get the most out of it,” stated Giovanni Delmondo, business development manager for machine tools with Siemens Italy.  The result is a successful machine series with an advanced control concept, one that already has shown its flexibility by incorporating functional expansions (like increased energy efficiency) available from the Siemens control and drive systems.

To illustrate this, Delmondo pointed out that “the fans on the spindles are shut down automatically when they are not required, or certain services such as hydraulics, lubricant supply, or compressed air are deactivated during machine standstill times. This is handled via special screen forms on the control and is extremely simple, using the Run MyScreens function."