Datron Dynamics is making the M8 Cube available for North American manufacturers, calling it a “next-generation, German-engineered, high-speed machining center designed for greater speed, accuracy and industrial durability.” The New Hampshire company represents Datron AG in North America, supplying machining, workholding, tooling, and automation products and technology

Datron indicated the designers’ principal objective in the development of the M8 Cube was to reduce the number of parts and its overall cost, and to simplify service and support. Brushless, direct drives are included to make accelerations faster, increase feed rates up to 866 inches per minute, and shorten cycle times.

A 3-kW, 40,000-RPM, liquid-chilled spindle improves the horsepower potential for heavier machining, as well as the flexibility to mill a range of materials. HSK-E 25 tool holders offer precision and <1 micron run-out.

With respect to machine dimensions — which are an important consideration for machine shops that must optimize floor space —the M8 Cube has a footprint of just 69x69 inches. At the same time, it features a large work area of 40x28x9 inches (X-Y-Z.)  This makes it possible to implement multiple different setups and to accommodate Datron’s integrated workholding systems, automation, and rotary axes.  All of these details can be combined and configured to match specifically the needs of the manufacturer.

The M8 Cube is controlled by a Windows-based software that is sufficiently flexible to integrate with third-party software and automation systems. Operation indicator lights built in to the gantry and control provide visible machine status eliminating the need for additional light sticks.

Other available options include a spray-mist coolant system, integrated 3D probing, and automatic tool changers with up to 30 stations and tool-length sensing. The M8 Cube is recommended for precision, high- or low-volume production of electronic system parts, aerospace components, and medical parts, as well as for industrial engraving applications.