Production Machine & Tool in Wichita Falls, Tex., is graduating to the "mega-part" class of machine shops thanks to its acquisition of a first-in-the-industry boring mill design by MAG Americas, one that combines a powerful milling spindle and contouring head.

"We built our business by offering capabilities other shops in our market typically do not, and this acquisition fits our business strategy perfectly," according to Mark McMullen, the shop’s president. "There's nothing else that can match the capability and versatility of this machine for large-part metalcutting. It is the first, 'no compromise' design that delivers the full reach and power of a boring mill, while integrating a U-axis contouring spindle that uses standard tools with automatic toolchanging.

“This machine will accommodate parts up to 60,000 lb, which is 15 times greater than anything we've done before, allowing us to tackle the industry's largest workpieces, such as blowout preventers, complete fluid ends and pump cases, to name a few examples. Naturally, we are expanding our facility and adding crane capacity to accommodate this growth."

The Giddings & Lewis RT 1250 U rotary-table horizontal boring mill has a massive table capacity and powers both spindles via a single motor rated at 56 kW (75 hp). The milling spindle's 1,000-mm (39.37-in.) Z-axis reach is complemented with 2,500-mm (98.4-in.) W-axis travel in the table, which is backed by 30,000-N (6,744-lb) continuous feed thrust.