Absolute Machine Tools Inc. is making available an ultrasonic machining center introduced recently by Tongtai, a Taiwan machine tool OEM that develops and supplies turning centers, horizontal machines, and five-axis machines. That company introduced the new TT51 at the recent TIMTOS 2013 machine tool expo in Taiwan.

The TT51-USA combines a modern aesthetic with advanced industrial design, user-friendly operation interface, and machining precision to achieve best possible machining results.

For hard and brittle materials, Tongtai developed a non-contact electrical material elimination supply with ultrasonic machining technologies. The advantage of electricity without contact is eliminating oxidation, so the chance of unstable machining and electric leakage is minimized. With this ultrasonic machining device, Absolute explained, the machining efficiency of the original spindle has been improved from three to five times.

The material eligible for ultrasonic machining includes aluminum alloy, hardened steel, glass, and ceramic materials.

The T51-USA adopts the 0i-MD controller with spindle speeds up to 20,000 rpm. A spindle cooling system uses recycled coolant to avoid thermal distortion during long-term machining. The direct-drive spindle connects with the motor by coupling to ensure the best output in horsepower and torque.

Three axes feeding devices employ the Fanuc “α” series servo motor, with precision level ballscrews and linear guide ways. This allows the rapid traverse to achieve 1890”/min. Moreover, the increase in speed acceleration and deceleration improves machining efficiency.

While aesthetically appealing, the new machine design also optimizes floor space. Tongtai’s user-friendly operational interface uses centralized management of the solenoid valve of air pressure and lubrication pump to control the daily maintenance. Furthermore, all lines and piping including electricity, oil pressure, air pressure, and cutting, have been redesigned for an outstanding machine appearance.