Horizontally or vertically, Okuma will be offering views and insights to its machine design program via two new products at IMTS 2014. In the horizontal frame, Okuma’s MA-12500H horizontal machining center will be on display for the first time.

The selling point for this machine will be its ability to balance speed and cutting power for machining aluminum alloys, cast iron and difficult-to-machine materials. This makes it well suited for large part aerospace machining. In point of fact, the machine builder noted that MA-12500H is so fast and powerful it has become the choice of Okuma’s own technicians at its DS1 plant in Oguchi, Japan, for building lathes.

Built on an integral bed and base, and designed with reinforcing ribs to increase stability and load carrying capacity during operation, the MA-12500H incorporates Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly concept to achieve high levels of thermal stability and accuracy.

Equipped with a 50-taper 6,000 rpm, 60/50 horsepower spindle as the standard, it is available as well with either a 12,000-rpm wide range spindle or 4,500-rpm heavy duty spindle.

In the vertical frame, Okuma will introduce its VTM-2000YB multi-tasking CNC turning center:  Its rigidity and heavy-duty cutting capabilities make it ideal for machining large-diameter workpieces, such as those required in some aerospace applications.

The vertical architecture helps to maintain “natural” part handling and promotes reliable chip fall, and also ensures the machine occupies a minimal volume of floor space.

Okuma plans to demonstrate the VTM-2000YB to show off its full work envelope, cutting on a fan hub and engine case, featuring Sandvik Super-NURBS and tooling from Sandvik.

The developer explained that the VTM-2000YB reapplies its own concept that succeeded with its VTM-200YB and advances the design to increase rigidity, power, B-axis range, speed and accuracy.

Like the MA-12500H, it incorporates Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly concept to enhance thermal stability. As a result, it has powerful turning and milling capabilities with 0.001° B and C axes.

In addition to its powerful mill/turn capabilities, this CNC turning center has 1.6 meters of Y-axis travel, and includes a 36-tool ATC for tool changing.