Considering the value of the parts they machine, even many small shops have to consider themselves high-end manufacturing operations, providing the range of finishing and fabricating services that custom manufacturers offer as standard. Among those services, increasingly, is parts cleaning. At IMTS 2014, Dürr Ecoclean will present its new EcoCCore system for solvent-based parts cleaning, which uses non-halogenated hydrocarbons or modified alcohols and an innovative technology for optimized cleaning quality. The same factors contribute to lower costs per part, improved process stability, and energy savings.

The EcoCCore also accomplishes high-speed processing, ease of operation, and reduced space demand — all with an award winning design.

Dürr Ecoclean supplies cleaning technology to automotive manufacturers, their suppliers, and the broader industrial market. Automated installation, as well as assembly and testing, are integrated by the Ecoclean Group.

In machining (as well as metal forming, aerospace and medical equipment manufacturing) — wherever grease/oil-free surfaces must be obtained, solvents are the first-choice part-cleaning medium, but Dürr Ecoclean’s EcoCCore represents a new standard. It is designed for operations with non-halogenated hydrocarbons or modified alcohols under full vacuum conditions.

With state-of-the-art technology and characterized by an impressive standard for basic equipment, including two flood tanks, heat recovery, and full-flow plus bypass filtration capabilities, the EcoCCore addresses demanding requirements for cleaning quality, process reliability, cost and energy efficiency, speed, availability, delivery times and eco-compatibility.