We can talk all we want about the potential of 3-D printing – about all of the slick new machines, heavy-dusty materials and all of the amazing things you can make with them – but potential doesn't go far on the factory floor.

IMTS this year is going to be brimming with 3-D printers representing just about every major additive manufacturer, all of whom will be talking potential.

But EOS will be doing something a little different.

Rather than just highlighting new machines and applications, the laser-sintering machine maker is bringing a small army of users to the conference to tell their 3-D implementation stories first-hand.

For the first time, EOS has co-located its North American User Day (NAUD) with IMTS 2014, offering a full day of case studies, user accounts and real-life applications of 3-D printing on the factory floor. Better still, the company has happened the show up for all IMTS attendees.

"IMTS is an ideal venue to demonstrate how Additive Manufacturing fits in with existing subtractive technologies as part of a process chain," said Andrew Snow, senior vice president, EOS of North America, Inc. in a corporate release.

"Historically, EOS has held the NAUD to better serve and educate our customer base," he added. "Now, opening the presentations to everyone also provides all IMTS attendees the opportunity to network with experts, industry leaders, and each other—to learn about the roadmap ahead and the success of early and current industrial 3D-printing adopters."