SiemensPLM Software is gaining plaudits from the IT and engineering software crowd for its purchase of LMS International NV. “With the acquisition of LMS, we are expanding our portfolio of industry software in an area that is critical for many customers,” according to Anton S. Huber, CEO of Siemens Industry Automation Division, which includes Siemens PLM Software. “They will now be able to simulate, test, optimize, and produce their products in a unified, consistent data environment. This will make them faster, more efficient, more flexible, and more cost-effective.”

LMS International develops software for test and mechatronic simulation, particularly in automotive, aerospace, and other advanced manufacturing industries.

The estimated $865-million acquisition of the Belgian software developer is being seen as a landmark for product lifecycle management (PLM), one that Siemens stated will give it the means to develop “closed-loop, systems-driven” products, from concept and design to integrated test management.

Practically speaking, combining the capabilities of the two software environments would be significant for machinists and other manufacturers of engineered components and systems that supply Tier manufacturers or OEMs based on customer-supplied CAD programs. “It’s something our customers appreciate today and will even more fully appreciate tomorrow,” noted Chuck Grindstaff, CEO and president of Siemens PLM Software. “We are committed to investing both organically and through acquisitions to achieve our vision, which includes providing world class simulation solutions.”

Siemens emphasized the growing complexity of product development for manufacturers, pointing to the growing number of products that integrate mechanical systems, electronics, and software (i.e., mechatronic systems.)

LMS chairman and CEO Urbain Vandeurzen said his product line’s role in the Siemens PLM package would continue to focus on test and mechatronic simulation. “In combination with the entire Siemens PLM Software portfolio, we plan to further expand our position in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced industries,” Vandeurzen stated.