The expanding challenges of grinding and servicing new generations of complex-geometry drills and end mills are resolved in a new release, according to the developers of a tool grinding software package. Version 3.8 of NUM's NUMRoto software automates multi-helical and variable flute grinding, and introduces a form cutter function for profile inserts. It is available to existing NUMRoto users as an update.

Launched by NUM in 1987, NUMRoto has been updated frequently according to the many improvements and innovations in machine tool design. The software runs on NUM’s Flexium+ CNC system, which has some specific advantages, including the use of sub-nano interpolation to ensure high quality surfaces, with short cycle times to allow fast 5-axis movement – even if the part program contains a high density of ISO sequences.

Flexium+ supports all the current standard safety functions of today’s high-performance CNC machines, and can be operated easily using the same type of ‘dual touch’ gestures that are employed with modern smartphones.

Fifteen different manufacturers of CNC tool grinding machines now incorporate NUMRoto software in their products, and as a result it is used on more than 40 different types of machine.

Many of the high-performance end mills now used for precision machining applications (e.g., producing aerospace and aircraft parts in specialty alloys or composites) are multi-helix tools designed for use at speeds up to 30,000 RPM. Producing these types of tools cost-effectively is demanding, requiring increasingly complex grinding capabilities.