Kennametal introduced an expanded selection of high-performance tools for holemaking operations, emphasizing that its modular drills, asymmetric drills, flat-bottom drills, and solid-carbide taps are proof of its “different thinking” about the complex considerations at work for machining operations. By creating a collection of standard-option, application-specific platforms for any diameter, feed rate, or hole quality, Kennametal noted, its portfolio offers a variety of solutions for virtually any machining requirement.

The new additions to Kennametal’s holemaking product line include:

The GOdrill is Kennametal’s first microdrill that works with multiple applications and multiple materials. It claims the GOdrill “goes beyond solid-carbide drilling and expands the advantages of modular drilling.” Modular drilling is limited to certain diameter ranges, but GOdrill is applicable for hole diameters starting at 1 mm (0.0394 in.).

The YPC Beyond drill is a solid-carbide series specifically engineered to improve hole quality and achieve long tool life in operations machining cast iron, ductile iron, CGI, and ADI. The YPC Beyond drill combines several proprietary Kennametal technologies for high-performance drilling. Y-TECH technology incorporates asymmetrical flute spacing, while the HP-point geometry provides excellent centering capabilities at the highest possible feed rates, and the new KCK10 grade offers exceptional wear resistance with superior chip evacuation.

The KSEM modular drill system offers extended lengths and drill diameters up to 40 mm (1.575 in.), and achieves hole depths of up to 10x D are standard. The KSEM Plus modular drill system combines these benefits with the advantages of an indexable drill. It effectively replaces HSS and indexable drilling tool solutions in the diameter range of 28-70 mm (1.102-2.756 in.) while lending itself to specific applications required by customers in the energy market. For large-diameter drilling applications, the KSEM Plus has an extended range that significantly reduces cost per hole, according to the developer. The enhanced capabilities of KSEM Plus B1 Heads are capable of drilling through stacked materials and inclined exits, as well as drilling through cross-holes and interrupted-cut conditions.