Judging by field experience under both high-feed and high-depth conditions, a new Ingersoll facemill can double machining rates versus the nearest PCD (polycrystalline diamond) competitor, and extend tool life, and leave chatter-free finishes at 16,000 RPM spindle speeds and above.
•  Under high feed conditions using light cuts, Continental Motors Inc., in Mobile, Ala., is face-milling aluminum castings for aircraft engines at 10,000 RPM, 400 IPM and 0.020 in. DOC, with a sixth Ingersoll TediMill PCD cartridge mill.  That result doubles the rate that Continental Motors achieve while using the previous PCD cutter.  Edge life improved, too.
•  Under heavier conditions, including deeper interrupted cuts, Ward Production Engineering in Fort Wayne, Ind., also doubled its rate of throughput for aluminum castings, using the same PCD TediMill. Parameters with a sixth mill are now 10,000 RPM versus 5,000 previously; 420 IPM versus 140; and 0.200 in. DOC versus 0.060 in.  Despite the heavier cuts, edge life improved 50%.

There are three design details promoting this higher level of performance by the Ingersoll TediMill — details not found in any other aluminum facemill, whether PCD or ICI: extremely rigid cartridge seating; positive rake presentation; and through-tool coolant direct to the cutting zone.  The tool comes with a level of dynamic balance that qualifies for 16,000 SFM cutting speeds right out of the box, leading to the chatter-free 3.2 µ finishes as well. In fact, the TediMill tools have run at 54,000 RPM vibration-and chatter-free in independent tests on the fastest spindle in the world.  So, by ISO standards that particular cutter can be rated to run as high as 27,000 RPM in production environments.

TediMills are the only cutting tools offered as standards from Ingersoll’s sister company in the IMC Group, Italian Technical Diamond Company (IT.TE.DI).  Heretofore the company has specialized in custom high-precision PCD and CBN boring tools.  After convincing successes as “specials” with global automakers, Ingersoll brought the TediMill line to the U.S. market in 2011, first as a special offering and now as a standard product.