Mobile computing is making rapid progress into manufacturing software, and recently Spring Technologies announced that its latest release makes it one of the first NC simulation software developers to offer mobile functionality.

Released in January, NCSimul Machine 9 (Windows 8 Pro- and Intel-certified) is Spring Technologies’ flagship software program for machine simulation. The developer calls it “more realistic, more integrated and smarter, …  a milestone on the road to a production environment in which manufacturers will be able to achieve perfect real-time synchronization of their physical and virtual machining cycles.”

Now operators can access a realistic graphical representation of the machining process and other relevant data, in real time, even standing next to a machine in operation.

“In many cases it’s impossible to see what’s happening at the tool-workpiece interface,” according to Silver Proisy, U.S. general manager for Spring Technologies. “The doors are closed and high-pressure coolant is splashing in the cabinet interior.

“With NCSimul 9,” he continued, “customers can head out onto the shop floor with their touchscreen tablet PC equipped with Windows 8 and Spring’s NC Player (NC simulation viewer), and access all of the program’s features, including cutting tool libraries, current cutting conditions, simulation, other part programs, and all the relevant published documentation.”