Developers of the Mastercam machining program are due to preview their forthcoming release, Mastercam X7, calling it “the most powerful Mastercam machining software yet,” and promising significant new capabilities will be introduced when the release is made available during Q2 2013.

The preview is set for the PMSTS 2013 event in April, where CNC Software will be emphasizing its Swiss Expert 2012 program.

A highlight of the X7 release will be Mastercam’s new Mill-Turn programming module, which it promises will simplify machining on high-powered turning centers and full-function machining centers. Mastercam Mill-Turn streamlines programming procedures with “intelligent” job setups that are linked to specific machines.

“Intelligent work-plane selection makes it easy to select the proper spindle and turret, and program your part with Mastercam’s proven milling and lathe toolpaths,” according to CNC Software.

Also in the new release, Mastercam X7 integrates with the Renishaw Productivity+ measuring probe for in-process gauging. This system verifies setups on a machine tool by determining fixture offsets, orientation, and critical dimensions. “Probing eliminates the need for tool presetters, expensive fixtures, and manual settings with dial indicators,” the developer noted. The result is that machine offsets can be adjusted automatically, even during machining.