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Doc Ardrey is a veteran writer on developments and trends in the design of cutting tool products.

Tougher Tooling Handles Hard Forgings
At a Houston machine shop, switching from an Ingersoll face mill to an indexable high-feed mill achieves deep cuts on dense, hard forgings, with speed and reliability.
Breakthrough In Fine-Finish Aluminum Face Milling 
In one of its first U.S. high-volume applications outside the automotive industry, Ingersoll’s breakthrough PCD cartridge-type facemill has dramatically improved rough and finish milling for aluminum castings at Continental Motors.
Retooled Face Milling Triggers ‘Ripple Effect’
The Ingersoll Gold-Quad F facemill seemed an unlikely choice for large mold machining, with high-feed cutting for fast, shallow passes. Yet, it is excelling at depths of cut approaching 0.100 in. Other shops are running this high-feed facemill as deep as 0.075 in.
Big Improvement Predicted for Large-Scale Milling Jobs
On projects that demand speed, performance, and precision, Ingersoll Cutting Tools’ negative/positive cutters can materially raise the removal rate, double edge life, and put an end to catastrophic insert failure.
Workarounds that Work for Long-Reach Machining 
Chip evacuation, lateral forces on long unsupported shanks and chatter during long-reach machining compound the basic challenges of cutting metal, but there are techniques that can improve MRR and protect the tools.
Neighborly Advice for More Productive Tooling 
Three mold-milling shops cite Ingersoll Quik-Twist indexable drills to dispel some myths about tool selection and application that limit machine shop productivity.
Improving Heavy-Duty Turning for Oil/Gas Valves 
By retooling a heavy-duty OD turning and facing job in 4130 steel, a shop tripled the material removal rate and more than doubled tool life.
New Ways Around Old Turning Problems 
The design of Ingersoll Gold-Duty rough turning inserts advances the technology for large-scale turning.
Breakthrough Facemill Doubles Aluminum Machining Rates
Field experience under high-feed and high-depth conditions show the increased machine rates achieved by a new Ingersoll facemill.
For Valve Producer, a Breakthrough in Heavy-Duty Turning 1
By retooling a heavy-duty OD turning and facing job in 4130 steel, AWC Frac Valve tripled its material removal rate and more than doubled tool life.
High-Feed Milling Makes Diversification Possible, and Profitable
Ingersoll’s consults and advanced tooling products help to guide a capital equipment manufacturer into the more productive, and more profitable world of contract machining.
No More Headaches With Long-Reach Machining
To handle long-reach machining problems, remember that high-feed insert geometries cut faster, while reducing lateral cutting forces that can trigger chatter leading to sudden tool failure, and rigid shanks reduce both chatter and run-out all the way to the bottom of the cut.
Improved Hard-Part Slot Finishing
The Ingersoll Form-MasterV backdraft cutter last long enough without disruption, and with totally predictable edge wear, that River City Manufacturing can achieve lights-out operation.
Ingersoll Cutting Tools
Eliminate Sudden Tool Failures
In cells and carousels, machine shops’ number-one priority in tool selection should be zero tool rupture or edge breakdowns. Unless you are replacing an edge due to gradual wear only, you are missing an opportunity to improve cell-wide efficiency.
Alert Shops Avert Sudden Tool Failures
Sudden edge failure may be the bane of machining processes, but it can also be an indicator of undiscovered problems — and a sign that will point you toward a better way to make that cut.
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